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Enterprise organization through ISO9001 quality management system certification

Writer:adminTime:2019-07-30 09:05
The significance of enterprise organization passing ISO9000 quality management system certification is as follows:

1. Can improve the internal management of the organization, institutionalize, systematize and legalize quality management, improve product quality and ensure the stability of product quality;

2. Show respect for the rights and interests of consumers and social responsibility, enhance the trust of consumers, reassure consumers, so that they can safely use their products, improve the market competitiveness of products, and take this opportunity to establish the image of the organization, improve the visibility of the organization, and form a famous brand enterprise;

3.ISO9000 quality management system certification is conducive to the development of export-oriented economy and the expansion of market share. It is the admission ticket for government procurement and other bidding projects, the admission certificate for organizations to enter the overseas market, and a powerful weapon to eliminate trade barriers.

4. Through the establishment of ISO9000 quality management system, other management systems can be established and improved by analogy;

5. ISO9000 certification can be obtained with one reference, which is comparable with general advertising investment, planning investment, management investment or training, and has comprehensive benefits; Also can enjoy the preferential policies of the state and key support to the licensed units.

The implementation of ISO9000 family standard has a very strong correlation with the modern enterprise reform in China. Both reform from the perspective of system, system and management. The difference lies in that the former deals with the micro environment of the organization, while the latter focuses on the macro environment of the organization. It can be seen that the ISO9000 family standard is very suitable for China's national conditions. Therefore, the state expressly provides for the full implementation of ISO9000 family standards during the ninth five-year plan period.

ISO9000 standard certification, the family can also be understood as a registered quality management system, is approved by the state and impartial third party certification bodies, according to the ISO9000 family of standards, introduces and comments on the organization's quality management system implementation, to prove to the public of the organization's quality pipe system in line with the ISO9000 family of standards, to provide qualified products, the public will be able to believe that the organization's service commitment and consistency of product quality of the organization.

ISO9000 family of standards is not only in all developed countries, developing countries are also being gradually come to join the ranks, ISO has become a veritable technical alliance in the world, and the causes of this situation, in addition to the above it can bring the tremendous benefits to organizations, more profound reason lies in the ISO9000 family of standards is the inevitable thing in the world in the process of development of human civilization. Therefore, the implementation of ISO9000 family standard in an organization or a country is not an external command, but an essential requirement of modern organizations.

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